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Origin of the lost angel

May 09, 2022
Skrew - Angel Seed XXIII

The Open Up musical passages envelop the muted vocals reflections in the verse, enigmatically, and vaguely, raising the atmosphere of rebelliousness in the chorus. The Sea Man composition marches in a stubborn march, driving the rhythmic step of its march into the continuation of the sound of the Skrew - Angel Seed XXIII album.
Musical passages weave the veils of mystery, creating a musical atmosphere of the sound of the Seventh Eye composition around the vocals reflections preceding the persistent and confident unity of musical and vocal assertiveness in the persistent procession of the King Of The Hole musical march. Persistently and toughly, the music rolls the riffs of the introduction, appealing to vocal confidence, but the vocals complement the sound of the Porcelain song with emotional shades.
The sound of restrained drive rolls in waves of musical pressure, raising the Kosmo's Seed vocals phrases to its crests, continuing a similar musical style in the assertive and persistent sound of the dense Sputnik musical procession.
Unexpected transformations of musical style and vocal throws give the sound of the Angel Suck composition an unexpected musical mystery, developing these musical experiments in the sound of the Horsey (Man) track and enveloping the sound of mysterious musical covers with the Slip muted vocal monologue. Well, the Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover) tribute to the legendary band puts an end to the remaking of the band's former release.