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Righteous saints provide salvation

February 15, 2020
Батюшка (RUS) - Спасение

Forcing a wave of righteous indignation, Пророчество begins the Батюшка (RUS) - Спасение album's narrative with a stern appeal to piety and getting rid of vices, from time to time exploding with swirling whirlwinds, but keeping the medium-tempo density of the musical narrative. Holding on to the brink of gentle piety and a mulodic charm in the introduction, Да Будет Свет then accelerates and hardens the music stream, complementing the music procession with the background of chorales of ministers of the church.
A pensive guitar solo commemorates the grandeur of the chosen one Мессия, called to save the world, further marching through a leisurely procession of a magnificent ballad. Dividing the musical part into a rhythmic background and percussion variations, Пограничный случай (Evangelion Cover) somewhat diversifies the musical narrative by expanding the stylistic framework.
The chime of the guitar solo of the introduction sets the path for the development of the musical essence of Небесная звезда song, raising the fluttering banners of an inspired anthem. Asking questions and puzzles for thoughts, Суббота then rolls in waves of restrained drive, asking changes in the musical structure by drumbeats.
The album’s final compositions are intertwined with religious hymns with folklore hues - at first walking with a leisurely introduction, then lifting Сотворение on the wings of a discreet drive. Then Дети Адама completes the album, hardening the structure of the musical narration with a sharp guitar solo of the introduction, then returning to a restrained drive, crowned with a keyboard symphony and with chorales in the background.