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Wanderings in terrible places give rise to horror and fear

February 16, 2020
Owlcraft - Katakombene

The gloomy noise complements the rattle of vocal phrases with an atmosphere of dark triumph, rolling the waves of the twilight triumph of a dark anthem, combining the musical essence of the title composition of the Owlcraft - Katakombene album together with the mystical mystery of the vocal part.
The guitar solo of the My Blood introduction rolls the whirlwinds of inspiration, the introduction of vocals preserves the mystical melody of the main motive, whirling around the vocal phrases, but compresses the musical tempo to a medium-tempo procession, but returning to the swiftness in bridges and choruses. Once again, the intro's guitar solo sets the direction of the race of the AutumnSun main motive, the vocals crowns this swift drive with the emotional echoes of the screaming screech. Then the mystical wordless chorales of invisible fairies give the composition shades of enchanting mysticism.
Continuing the rapid race of rampant drive The Cry flies away on the invisible wings of a skeletal dragon with the support of a procession of black knights, anticipating the introduction of vocals by the enchanting melodic of a dark celebration, returning to these passages in the chorus. Paying tribute to the iconic and legendary musical style group Crush the Jewish Prophet (Inquisition cover) brings some shades of a peculiar interpretation. Distracting from the studio work of musical creativity The Key (Live) brings an atmosphere of concert fury, complementing the album with vortices of lively energy and introducing trends of fan support.