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The worship of each element has a separate temple

February 15, 2020
Ikarian - A Shrine Of Fire

The title track begins the Ikarian - A Shrine Of Fire album with inspirational proclamations, raising inspiration with vocal motives above the sky-high distances and honoring the majesty of divine grace basking in the sun. Charming with epic outlines of musical motifs, vocals complement the Gathering Storms sound with mystical charm, the tunes of the singing lady sometimes complement the background of the vocal part.
Romantic Phantom of Misery mystery envelops the vocal part with soft veils of musical mystery. The mysterious charm of bewitching melodics first brings to the fore the chorales of female vocals, then prefacing the Fall to Dream final fragment with the confession of the male.
After soft melody, I Believe complements the sound with restrained notes of drive into the introduction and chorus, returning to mysterious thoughts with the introduction of vocals. Throughout ages and times, returning to ancient fairy tales Medusa marches in an obscure procession, braiding the vocal accords with musical twilight, but ascending the chorus of vocal phrases to the top of the musical image framed by a swirl of shimmering light.
The bewitching Sunmeras Asudem symphony is the introduction of the Unbound composition, which builds its sound with a dialogue of male and female vocals, encircling the axis of musical sound. The piano solo begins so soft and bewitching Ascend Higher symphony, braiding the vocal part with the cream of mysterious melody. We'll Always Be Here completes the main part of the album, introducing doubts in vocal phrases and a twilight share in the musical narration.
But this release provides a bonus - at first the mesmerizing Vapor Eternity (bonus track) main motive takes the listener into fairy tales and mystical fantasies, then Soul Like Sun (bonus track) inspires with an incredible pacification of a sophisticated ballad.