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Restless souls should pray to their guardian

April 16, 2022
Tribus - El Guardan De Las Almas Perdidas

The Chaos Unborn instrumental symphony with background chorales sets the introduction of the Tribus - El Guardan De Las Almas Perdidas album, then combining the drive of melodic musical passages with the sparkling essence of the main motive and the charismatic emotionality of vocal phrases, giving the sound of the Fuera De Control composition some echoes of the battle saga, continuing this style in the bright and exciting sound of the Solo song, which develops entry guitar solo leitmotif in a sparkling musical whirlwind.
Combining militant energy, violent drive and vocal ascension in the artistic sound of the Renacer musical fairy tale, the sound prepares the listener for the gloomy Esclavos Del Cielo battle march, marching with echoes of epic sagas and musical mysteries, developing into the bewitching sound of the Hechicera incredibly melodic ballad.
A whirlwind of guitar solo weaves the captivating essence of the Mito Del Destino musical thriller, then resonates with vocals rebellion in anticipation of the epic eulogy of unforgettable feats in the Armas De Aniquilacion epic battle saga. The tenacious and exciting Inexplicable march of irresistible readiness for any challenges and combats marches towards the greatness to come, giving it a more epic and exciting sound in a variety of artistic variations of the Dejando Atras El Pasado song and the El Guardian De Las Almas Perdidas album's title track, embodying progressive artistry and musical diversity in the final stretch of the album's sound, which completes the Hechicera (Radio Edit) recast one of the previous artworks.