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Repentance purifies soul and mind

November 15, 2020
SaffronKeira - In Origine: The Field Of Repentance

After an intriguing revival, the Ghosts composition opens the gates of the SaffronKeira - In Origine: The Field Of Repentance instrumental album's narration, enveloping the listener with a haze of dying tranquility, in which the trumpet solo introduces epic impulses, complemented by vague background pulsations. Then the saxophone solo is intertwined in argument with rhythmic passages of The Field Of Repentance background doubt. Bringing the saxophone solo to the forefront of the Death And Civilisation musical image, music complements its sound with a mysterious musical background, ending with some echoes of dance motives.
Inspirational tunes complement the obscure chimes of guitar strings, then combine with an obscure haze of the Due Poli musical experimentation. The vocal whisper in the background lends a certain mystery to the atmosphere of the Periodi Remoti soothing musical saga. The Harmony In Chaos musical background envelops the saxophone solo with a mysterious mystery, then in the sound of Religion As An Illusion track bringing it to the forefront of the musical image.
Music envelopes in a romantic atmosphere, starting the sound of the Disorderly Of Life composition with notes of blues, then complementing the musical essence with futuristic electronic music elements. In the combination of electronic sound and epic echoes Capernaum forges a link between eras. Another fragment of the In Origine title track, divided into two parts, completes the album.