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Light puts him to sleep, but darkness awakens

November 15, 2020
Monstrous - Dawnsleeper

The title track sets the Monstrous - Dawnsleeper album's intro, starting with furious drum rolls, continuing with aching romance of guitar passages and harsh phrases of deep growling, complemented by screaming. Then the At Night They Rise picks up the pace in the zeal of a musical thriller, combining it with the brooding reflections of a dark anthem and enchanting guitar solos of instrumental fragments.
Combining melody with drive in a furious dance of the main motive, the Barricades of Flesh and Fire complements these musical solutions with vocal emotions. After a whirlwind of guitar solo of intro the Rise of the Malevolent song sets the musical stream of the main motive and brings the vocals to the forefront of the musical image. The guitar solo of instrumental fragments captivates with notes of epicity. Walking in the procession of the mid-tempo march, the Full Body Target envelops the listener in the twilight haze of a mysterious fairy tale.
Exploding with a sharp acceleration of the pace, The Crawling Abominations builds up furious waves of unrestrained drive. Keeping the rush of tempo the Turrets Manned for Total War rolls in a stream of dense drive, wrapping around vocal phrases with guitar riffs. The Power of The Rotting wraps around the vocals in swirls of guitar riffs.
The drumbeat of the intro calls to the fierceness of the musical drive, then the Plagues Rage accentuates the sound of the composition with rhythmic variability, complementing the melodic charm of the melodious guitar solo. A bright guitar solo enters the epic procession of the Victims of Tomorrow mid-tempo saga, complementing the final composition of the album with echoes of folk motifs.