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Reason pressure breaks the essence

May 02, 2021
Sweet Oblivion -  Relentless (feat. Geoff Tate)

Musical reflections precede the introduction of vocals inspiration, which then develops into the Once Again One Sin unity of musical essences of the Sweet Oblivion - Relentless (feat. Geoff Tate) album's progressive musical artistry. After an intriguing introduction, the vocal part comes to the fore of the musical image of the Strong Pressure song. The relentless drive of a guitar solo, topped with sparks of keyboard notes, anticipates development of the Let It Be track as so inspirational and majestic ballad.
The Another Change song's vocals inspiration inspires to ascend above everyday adversity into clouds of dreamy images and illusory temptations. Music envelops reflections to additional significance, weaving breathtaking lace of the Wake Up Call composition. Music of the Remember Me main motive comprehensively rolling the waves of the mid-tempo drive, slightly reducing activity with verse's vocals reflections, returning to perseverance and perseverance in the musical vortices of the chorus.
Vocals confidence is combined in the fascinating dance with exciting musical motifs of the Anybody Out There song. Changes in the vocal party are changed - lyrics from English is transformed into Italian, bringing inspirational changes in the Aria track's sound. Soft and gentle musical tale of the I'll Be The One romantic ballad are combined with inspired vocal ascensions, anticipating the unity of the melody and drive in the Fly Angel Fly final composition of the album.