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A bright splash of unbridled passion

May 03, 2021
Rusted Guns -  Rusted Guns

The Never Die song starts the band's self-titled Rusted Guns - Rusted Guns album with a stubborn and furious mid-tempo march, re-emphasizing and accentuating the theme's significance over and over again.
Keeping the average tempo, the Nice Boys Play Hard track begins with a bright guitar solo, then rhythmically marching along the chosen path, confidently rolling out the musical canvas and raising the banners with the name of the song in the chorus.
Condensing the speed of the mid-tempo march, the She's On Fire rises vocal emotions to the top of this rhythmic march, driving its steps along the path of musical variation. The Cock Your Guns gives the bass guitar part in the rhythmic essence of the main motive and carries away the development of guitar riffs into the realm of foreboding. The guitar solo of the instrumental part surges in a sparkling spiral of inspired artistry, anticipating the song's final chorus.
Weaving a mesmerizing lace of romantic thoughts, the Time Has Come composition carries away in a leisurely procession through the twilight variations of an emotional ballad. Beginning with a bright guitar solo, the Shit On The Wall song ends the album with an annoying rebellion.