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Reality challenges everyone

September 08, 2020
Dead Cold - Fuck Your Reality

The I Bathe You In Acid unhurried procession of musical darkness and vocal severity precedes the development of an impetuous drive, crowned with growling vocals. The guitar solo of the instrumental part brings notes of brooding melody, anticipating the addition of the vocals with screaming. A pensive guitar solo, intriguing with a mid-tempo march and expecting further development of The Inhuman Plague musical essence, continues the Dead Cold - Fuck Your Reality album, then rolling waves of drive, entwined with bright guitar appeals and sharply accelerating the pace of musical drive to the vocal intro.
Beginning with a heavy viscousness with a muted vocal mystery the Cesspool Existence then builds up musical whirlwinds around the mid-tempo vocal phrases. The twilight intrigue bewitches with ambiguity, but then the Worm Eaten track subordinates the development of the musical essence to vocal phrases.
Rapid haste unites the Succumb To Rot music and vocals in a single musical stream. The Vanity Destructor mid-tempo march crowns its musical waves with crests of vocal phrases. The Fuck Your Reality title track begins with mid-tempo pulsations, then explodes into a whirlwind of impetuous drive. Then this alternation is repeated again. The Flesh Plow completes the release by emphasizing the importance of the rhythmic procession.