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In fairy tales and legends, the spell is so different

September 08, 2020
Moonlight Haze - Lunaris

Soaring in swift inspiration, the Till the End singing lady's ascension inspires the sound of the Moonlight Haze - Lunaris album's symphonic charm, complementing its symphonic essence with rebellious notes. Echoes of oriental folklore anticipate the sublime inspiration of The Rabbit of the Moon female vocals, then combine with it in a single musical stream. The Lunaris album's title track begins with the acoustic chime of a bardic ballad, then develops these symphonic passages, along with vocal phrases, into an impressive composition. The Under Your Spell again begins with the acoustic passages of a minstrel ballad, then develops into a sublime symphony.
After a cryptic introduction, the Enigma song captivates with the vocal narration of the band's native language. But then the symphonic charm accelerates the pace and rhythm, taking the Wish Upon a Scar singing lady's vocal narration to the top of the musical image, complemented by the backdrop of a keyboard symphony. Musical inspiration creates mystery in The Dangerous Art of Overthinking intro, then brings the vocals to the forefront of the musical narrative, with notes of rebellious freedom-loving alternating with romantic inspiration. The Without You song partly continuing the symphonic grandeur of the previous composition, the music rises in a stream of impetuous drive.
Epic appeals of knightly sagas and minstrel ballads are manifested in the sound Of Birth and Death composition. Symphonic appeals of musical manifestations, complemented by the influence of operatic vocals, are combined in a mesmerizing sublimity of the sound of Nameless City track. A rethinking of the Enigma (English Version) song with English lyrics completes the album.