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Rage devoid of mercy

March 07, 2020
Amorphia - Merciless Strike

The unbridled fury of the Death Zone musical passages hovering around an epic narrative of vocal phrases with a swarm of frantic wasps, starting the Amorphia - Merciless Strike album with a deadly musical thriller. The guitar solo of the instrumental part brings some shades of mesmerizing artistry. Judgement Day brings to the forefront of the musical image a vocal narrative setting forth a list of incredible horrors with which humanity will have to fight.
But the Merciless Striketitle track at the beginning rolls the harsh wheels of military vehicles, casting aside fear and detachment, sharply accelerating the pace before the introduction of vocals, taking away the vocal readiness for battle on the wings of a musical combat aircraft. But evil creatures and horror creators do not stand aside and respond with the Mutants' Rise furious drive, then complementing the narrative with an epic appeal of their warlord. The final fragment of the composition returns to the fast-moving deadly dance.
Intimidation and anger parade in a mid-tempo procession of black knights fanned by whirlwinds of darkness and horror, but the Upcoming Terror vocals again call for an acceleration of pace. Of particular note is the impressive artistry of the instrumental guitar solo. The echoes of nuclear war and the corresponding Radiation Overdose horror of introductory twist the training spindle, then twirling the vocal phrases with swirls of guitar passages.
Dancing preparation in the introduction honors the trash of metal legends, inspiring followers with their creativity and becomes the Martian Law main motive. The drum roll sets the beginning of the unbridled drive of the final Blazing Glares thriller of the concept album, in which vocals and music expand the stylistic framework of this release.