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Myths and legends can rise from obscurity

March 07, 2020
On Thorns I Lay - Threnos

Raising the mesmerizing melody of the valiant anthem on the banners of musical triumph, The Song of Sirens is marching with a majestic procession, complementing the mesmerizing melody with the stern significance of deep growling, enchanting with the sound of On Thorns I Lay - Threnos album. In the instrumental part, the guitar and piano intertwine their solos in a bewitching waltz. Impressing the procession of the stern march to the introduction, Ouranio Deos then complements the harsh vocal phrases and the rhythmic procession with romantic tunes of keyboards and violin passages, crowning the musical image with symphonic artistry. In an impressive bridge, the violin flies around its variations with the muffled thoughts of so mysterious lady with spanish lyrics.
The guitar solo of the Cosmic Silence introduction captivates with an incredibly hit motive, wrapping its vocal reflections with a sparkling ribbon of sparkling magnificence. In the instrumental part, this incredibly successful sound is complemented by symphonic grandeur, exalting the success of this composition over everyday concerns. Erynies continues this style - basing the sound of the main motive on the guitar solo of the introduction, but transforms the music with the thoughtfulness of the majestic anthem.
Misos flutters with a pulsation of a stern march, crowning the peals of waves of musical thunder with crests of vocal phrases. The title composition Threnos brings shades of mystical mystery, rolling the canvas of the epic saga, shrouded in the atmosphere of ancient traditions and decayed scrolls of forgotten charms. Odysseia completes the album, continuing the epic style, complementing the musical saga with shades of light sadness and memories of long wanderings. The confession of a pensive lady with spanish lyrics completes the album.