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Seasons confused in themselves

March 07, 2020
Ashes Of Life - Seasons Within

The painful twilight of musical variations envelops vocal reflections full of doubts and experiences, but then in the Shores vocal part the growling dominates the narrative, supplemented by notes of screaming.
The saddened thoughtfulness of Spiral Down song continues the Ashes Of Life - Seasons Within album with unhurried thoughts, but then the music envelops the vocal phrases with solemn covers, raising torment and doubts about the majesty and bewitching anticipation of the coming ascension.
The instrumental intrigue intrigues with intricate transformations, then transforms into intricate passages of the Burn instrumental composition, entwining the listener with bewitching lace of musical variations, giving the musical narrative the pensiveness of the romantic charm that continues in the introduction of Autumn Days song, but then the vocal narrative will subordinate the dominant role of the musical image, starting with the growling notes screaming, then transformed by saddened doubts of clean vocals, but again returning to a furious drive with growling.
The Tried To Leave narrator’s narrative, supplemented by the chime of musical variations, sometimes explodes with angry growling phrases shrouded in the dusk of musical power, while maintaining a viscous slowness at a slow pace. The instrumental Dying In The Snow composition, shrouded in the twilight artistry of winter sadness, as if frozen in chains, was supplemented by a bewitching muffled whisper of vocals, enveloping in the pacifying sadness of incredible sadness.