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Quest so clear - maybe the goal quite near

March 21, 2017
Warseid - A New Land to Find

Heroes squad, passes all sorts of tests and many adventures, completes a lot of various quests - they have to Warseid - A New Land to Find .
Calmly, quietly, covertly and cautiously the introduction combines a guitar fingering with mysterious key passages, the introduction claims that All Men Are Mortal, inspiring by the image of epical symphony. Dragons in the Mist continues the retelling of the legendary saga, supports violent vocal screaming with powerful and melodic musical vortexes, not hurrying escalate the pace after the preparations, storing energy for the subsequent rapid rush. But even in this impulse of violent energy the melodic in the foreground, subordinating all the shades and flashes of emotional outbursts.
A gentle, delicate guitar break surrounds with waves of tranquil mystical charm, being Between Shadows. Then this exciting ballad surrounds with waves of charm, saturating the impressions with a charge of inspiration, the vocals turn from the dreamy clean into inspired screaming. The vocal transformation accelerates the tempo of the composition, breaking into rapid furious speed.
Grandiose epic saga In Themselves They Believed tells the story of the heroic, persistent and invincible warriors, powerfully and furiously starting the chronicle. Then the melodic pause makes a respite for the indescribable feats, preparing the heroes' spirits with a mysterious whisper to the coming battles, in which they need to meet the hostile fury with a wall of shields, not paying attention to the scarlet spots on them.
Dreamy guitar fingering creates the foundation for the development of When the Ravens Are Fed remarkable intro, creating on its basis a delightful, diverse and impressive main theme, dressing melody in armor sparkling with instrumental delights. Then these various lacy accompaniment shades combine vocals that follow the path of screaming, with inclusions of growling and other styles. And over this image the symphonic motifs of the epic orchestral passages are hanging. Then, during the respite, the choir combines its chanys with violin melodies.
The furious roar of The Winds Sang of Death sweeps by embittered demons everything in its path from the first notes of that fairy tale. The brilliant blade of the chosen hero, through a pleasant and exalted basic motive, penetrates the vague eddies of the creations of darkness with his bright sparkling edge.
Sensual guitar fingering starts, with the support of the violin, cello and wind instruments, clean vocals chant. Then this charming charming symphony binds the sound of Damnation and Its Hold into the solid, tough and impenetrable armor of powerful guitar riffs, adorned with shiny violin and keyboard patterns. The ringing of the bells signals a temporary change of curse in a charming, captivating manner, combining screaming with growling in the vocal palette. The banner of tender violin tune accents flutters over the battlefield - so diverse and unforgettable album completes its bright, sparkling canvas.