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The prosecution summons the last witness

March 22, 2017
Zealotry - The Last Witness

Nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten - until Zealotry - The Last Witness remains aware of past deeds!
Unexpected Arc of Eradication moves are woven with strange, unpredictable motives, changeable vocal phrases weaves in an ornate flow of distorted impressions. In the instrumental part, the viscous melodic motive enslaves the surrounding space, to the end of the composition, having subordinated to itself other musical solutions.
Slowly, unhurriedly and measuredly, the Heralding the Black Apostle is rolling with wave of shadowed haze. Viscous music draws the mind into the abyss of its sound, fettering attention and distracting the stimuli, then accelerating the whirlwind, crouching consciousness in the flicking furious flashes, bright and solemn.
Starting with a continuation of a viscous, enveloping haze, Cybernetic Eucharist rushes away in the tides of his changeable, harsh and hurried story, interspersed with alternating shades of a sparkling rainbow of unexpected variations.
Starting with a vague, exciting story Progeny Omega hovers among the calm, impenetrable gloomy clouds, followed by romantic ballad pieces, combined with a nervous, worried whisper. In the middle of the composition, waves of mental indignation are gaining energy, but they do not sweep everything in a single coordinated direction, on the contrary - they scatter everything around with group of adepts chorus that acclaims the prayer to their intercessors, morally resisting to comprehensive storm and flashes of disturbed elements.
The thick fog of viscous music continues to enslave the fetters of burdensome, thoughtful reflections about Mutagenesis, phenomena requiring painstaking research, concentrated attention. The whirlwind of the ornate, adorned guitar solo is distracted from the painful meditations, then merging with complicated scientific delights.
The main motive permeates the entire musical canvas of Yliaster with its sharp, jagged motives that is enslaving the vocal part and other instruments of the band, forces them to adhere to the chosen path.
Title track The Last Witness continues to follow a vague, unexplored path, beginning with a mysterious and thoughtful whisper. Despite the expectation of a sharp, hard and frenzied rushes - bursts of these impulses occurs from time to time, but almost immediately subside and reconcile with the impenetrable foggy space Acoustic guitar makes a considerable contribution of lyrical romance, creating Silence of the dreamy ballad. Then the sound of the alt fiddle changes the structure, triggering splashes of dark rage and grim wrath, bringing patch of anger and irritation into sparkling radiant symphony of dreamy meditation that does not lose its threads of sound image control. So epic and iconic composition completes the sound of the whole album