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March 20, 2017
Sinister (NLD) - Syncretism (Limited Edition)

The wondrous mystery of texts and meaning carries us through Sinister (NLD) - Syncretism (Limited Edition) into the unexplored expanses of involuntary and unimaginable concepts!
Quietly, calmly, tactfully and with restraint, Neurophobic begins the album, accumulating energy for the subsequent splash of the violent impulse of rapid revelations.
Rage and anger, interwoven in unison melodic passages promotes the wonderful guitar riff at the end of the Convulsion Of Christ intro. Then the furious energy and angry vocal phrases are combined in a rhythmic and energetic flow, carrying obstacles on their way to the abyss of non-existence. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo brings us back to so memorable guitar riff, continuing this delightful tune in accompaniment to chorus phrases.
Power, fury and shock blows are embodied, in so rhythmic, shamelessBlood-Soaked Domain. Further setting the speed and rhythmic powerful strikes in one single impulse, combining them in unite stream of so destructive impulse. A few phrases of clean vocals only triggers the final devastating rush.
Power, rage, and malevolent sound despises unnecessary speed, combining instrumental parts in unquestioning power, preferring Dominance By Acquisition to the anything dull, newfangled whining! Epic, deeply vocal phrases and symphonic additions end in contempt for the easy ways of modern everyday life! Argh!
Title track Syncretism complements this combination of time-tested and generations of motifs and melodies, furious and rabid tunes combined in his saga in a thoughtful, symphonic and diverse chorus.
Powerfully, aggressively and irreconcilably with the surrounding reality Black Slithering Mass goes its own way, sweeping away resistance and spraying obstacles. Then so foggy, sacred melody interrupts this movement for brief time - but it continues again!
Uncontrollably, powerfully and unrestrainedly, Rite Of The Blood Eagle commensitizes everything around by its measure, changing the pace of its narrative from phrase to phrase!
The Canonical Rights continues a violent, impulsive, changeable sound, enslaving the consciousness by the variability of his impulses, leaning towards a calm narration in the chorus, breaking into the impetuous instrumental passages in verses. Beginning quietly and melodiously, like heavy romantic ballad, in the fetters of heavy unbearable chains, Confession Before Slaughter saturates the space with a fog of emotional experiences embodied in powerful, rabid and shameless vocal and instrumental impulses. But the orchestra will not allow to forget about its existence, supplementing this furious image with a symphony shade, within allowed limits. But again, the anger and rage burst out ... but the song fades away with so unusual mysterious whisper!
A long, misty beginning creates an intriguing atmosphere for the album's completion, which have created by so careful and thoughtful story Unhallowed Blood (bonus track)... so long, unbearably long whisper creates unusual fog, confusing in fetters intriguing mystery, secrets and unimaginable hard tangible solutions, turning into the romantic, melancholic and gloomy saga, combining several styles of music in a single stream of a mysterious fascinating symphony, that finishes the whole artwork.