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Problem solving is sometimes so hard to find

July 21, 2020
Trotoar - No Salvation

The title track opens the Trotoar - No Salvation album with the intriguing mystery of a guitar solo vortex, then winding a tunnel of guitar passages around the vocals. Bright guitar solos crown the Far Away From Home fast-paced drive and inspirational tunes of the singing lady.
Walking in a rhythmic march on the verge of a mid-tempo composition and an impetuous drive, the Demons In Your Mind brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image. Combining the inspirational tale of vocals with the musical backing of guitar riffs, the Hunger Of The Wolf takes you into the mysterious halls of epic legends. The harsh pensiveness of musical passages envelops the sensual experiences of the singing lady, complementing the Don't Let Me Bleed romantic ballad with musical severity and charming the guitar solo of the instrumental part. The drum roll ends with the Tomorrow playful dance that combines the echoes of combats and battles, but complements those memories with inspired vocals emotions. The Shining Star mid-tempo musical composition rolls over with the significance of the guitar solo, ending its sound with the appeals of female vocals, raising emotional flags in the chorus.
Accentuating the On My Own vocal part with a round dance of guitar riffs, the final part of the album begins, continuing it with a more impetuous rush of the Elusive Dreams composition, in which the vocal phrases are full of uncertainty and doubt. The gloomy sad Unbound saga ends the album with a viscous procession of painful thoughts, shrouded in brooding sorrow and griefs of loss.