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The fire burns where they bind

July 24, 2020
Re-Armed - Ignis Aeternum

The impetuous drive sometimes calms down, sometimes introducing brooding romanticism into the musical essence of the Re-Armed - Ignis Aeternum album, but then exploding into a unity of drive and melody in the symphonic charm of the Dive Within and Beyond the Horizon songs. The throbbing heartbeat of the musical essence as well! Pulsating heartbeat of bass guitar complements vocal inspiration and Ode to Life guitar part.
The harsh mid-tempo pulsations pump up the Eager to Collapse vocal transformations. The Resistance inspires waves of gloomy drive, hardening vocals to deep growling. Beginning with a brooding symphony, The Hollow Lights then twists varied musical passages around the bitterness of vocal anger. A viscous and onerous symphony appeals to musical artistry, picking up the tempo before the Remain Unboundedvocals begin. brooding ballad bring echoes of oriental motives, intertwining with severe vocal growls and the Words Left Unsaid clean vocals.
The notes of the Words Left Unsaid brooding ballad bring echoes of oriental motives, intertwining with a harsh vocal growl A fast-paced Voyager musical thriller, entwining vocal phrases with sparkling passages, precedes the final composition of the album. The Built to Last closes the album with frantic echoes of sadness, bringing vocals to the fore