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Priests is a kind of evil

August 14, 2021
Storm Siege, 2020 -  Satanas Sum

Mysterious intro's sound creates an intriguing atmosphere, intertwining in a twilight haze with mysterious musical motifs. But then the Inquisitor song is rolling unrestrained pressure and vocal rage and musical drive. Guitar riffs of the Victim's Advocate composition's intro are twisted for the acceleration of the musical pace, but the vocal of the checkout is constrained by musical swiftness. The Flagellator fascinates into the race of the soot of hopping, then inferior to the musical essence of vocal appeals.
The title composition continues the Storm Siege - Satanas Sum album with the vortex of the guitar solo entry, asking the direction of the vortex of the main motive. After the intriguing and mysterious intro, the Plague is built by the swift of the rapid drive, but again returns to the twilight intro in the bridges and choruses. The Mystery Grail will be powered by the fascinating twilight of the dark anthem, marching a mid-tempo march, but sometimes being placed in the swift flight.
A bright guitar suspension entry fascinates in a dreamy mood into a progressive breaking of the rhythmic essence of the Priest Eater song. The Torture Chamber carries in a rapid fit of the guitar solo to the warlike dance of the fierce musical thriller. When you enter the harsh procession of the battle march, the Inner Evil composition speeds up the sound in anticipation of the accession of vocals. The Spiritual Weaponry song completes the album with exciting vortices of musical change around significant vocal phrases.