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Preparing for a walk along a silent path

February 20, 2023
Death Decline, 2021 -  The Silent Path

The symphonic Awakening intro captivates with an intriguing mystery, retreating before the unrestrained unity of music and vocals in the Jackals exciting musical story that continues the Death Decline - The Silent Path album, then exploding with the unity of unbridled musical fury and vocal anger of the Little Boy song, varying tempo and musical stylistic nuances in a captivating musical rush.
The Silent Path title track sets the main motif with a punchy guitar solo, then paves the way for guitar riffs topped off with vocal licks that alternate vocals styling and foreshadow the artistic guitar solo of the Threshold intro, captivating with artistic musical imagery and captivating for further listening to punchy drive and musical fury.
The bass guitar solo on the Exile instrumental track heralds the development of a further fragment of this album, elevating the sound of the Above Their Weakness song to the top of the musical passages, captivating with a mesmerizing guitar solo.
After the intro of the No Fate song, the vocal part moves to the forefront of the musical image, alternating clean vocals and growling according to the musical additions, continuing the album with the Eleven frenetic musical thriller, alternating tempo with the preservation of musical violence with artistic touches of musical additions that herald the completion of this musical creation of the Through the Stranger's Eyes enchanting musical thoughtfulness.