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Poison running through my veins

April 11, 2017
The Convalescence - Poison Words

Different, sometimes incompatible and unexpected combinations of styles combines in the unite sound image of the The Convalescence - Poison Words !
Power, interwoven with a wonderful melody leads the peculiar motive, combining it with fury and power, combining them in a single ingot of the I,dreamer musical image.
A fascinating melody, exciting and unique Gazing Into Oblivion from the first seconds captures, enslaves and irresistibly withstands its victorious spirit. Then rhythmically turning into a march before the next irresistible blow.
Malice and aggression can not find an outlet, scurrying within the aforementioned spaces. But the Faceless vortex does not lose its fury and anger, irritated by bursts of incredible outrage.
So variable, broken and complex rhythm accompanies the mysterious, piercing guitar melody in Poison Words intro. The keyboards passage appeals to vocal rabies, combining in a single composition many sets of styles.
A gentle, sensual Beautiful Sin motive leads the piano, then turning into violent and angry explosions of powerful energy, indignant with inconsistencies in spatial fields. Harsh romanticism nevertheless remains the same romantic.
Mysteriously and intriguingly beginning, Walk With Me rushes into the heat of battle, combining the phrases of screaming and growling in the fierce battle of the worlds, then adds clean vocals phrases to that battle.
Modern melodies of the Reflections are rushing back, shaking the foundations of the universe. Vocals combine screaming, growling and guultral growling in a single impulse - seeking to achieve enlightenment.
Surgical Sanity continues in the same spirit, combining melody and fury, past and future and various vocal styles in a single stream of musical rabies.
Starting with a mysterious, intriguing keyboards break The Mouth Of Hell drives into the wrathfull pit of furious battle, creating a tangle of powerful tunes, combining a different pace, but adhering to power, but not speed.
Brocken, ragged rhythm starts Lifeless In The Waves, transforming the composition into a complex combination of styles and musical directions, recreating various and ambiguous shades of reality in the times and ages with ladies voice.
Watch Them Burn completes the album starting with a mathematical combination of changing rhythms, creating an unusual and unexpected picture of miracles, clouding the sound canvas with furious screaking, brightening it with a tough growling and wonderful keyboard passages.