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City of the stars much closer ... then Mars

April 10, 2017
Stone Senate - Star City

Don't be disturbing and bothered, don't be so pity - we are going inside the Stone Senate - Star City !
Calm, confident Cemetery Song narration envelops with the calmness and confidence in the future. A gentle, sensual melody creates a pleasant, enchanting content of the surrounding essence. Impatient, furious, unrestrained narrative in a broken, complex and unpredictable manner spills out a storm of emotions till the end of song.
Calm, pacifying composition Over You brings the reflection of the spirit of past old times, reflected in the present and in the future as a reflection of the memory of ancestors.
Unusual, ornate and unexpected motifs of the Martha song resemble jazz from old Orleans motifs, without complicating, however, the melodies of the main motive. A wonderful background for any negotiations, thoughts, work - what to say! Confidently, clearly, persistently and without a doubt music of Letter Of Deperture rhythmically, meaningfully and firmly saturates the composition with its sound. On the contrary, vocals constantly express doubt and rejection, rushing from side to side.
Grandfather wipes his glasses, straightens the rug over the rocking chair, then takes up the guitar and begins his 7Th Floor story, reviving the old days of his youth in a country-style romantic ballad.
Nervousness, doubts and rejection of surrounding problems envelops Hurricanes with the sad, hopeless expectations. Doubts, reflections, questions and thoughts cover the mind in their bonds, enslaving and seizing it in their possession.
The inspirational, joyful and pleasant completion of the album, Lazy River envelops with the encompasses an encouraging sound from all sides . Vocal expresses a wise tone, creating an instructive mood for the whole musical image. Well, we will listen again and again!