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Phoenix from ashes will rise, it never dies

November 23, 2016
Feanor - We Are Heavy Metal

Perhaps you don't want to listen for fairy tales and chronicles of the past - Feanor - We Are Heavy Metal, so we do not care about that!
The title track immediately plunges us into a world of fierce and sharp riffs, undeniably convincing everyone around that We Are Heavy Metal, not accepting the slightest doubt on this assertion!
Dense and viscous riffs of Eol the Dark complement with narrator's emotional yelps, until he's unable to contain explosions vocal. Then the viscous riffs recede into background before the chorales of adept that pays homage to their god, and ends with a composition inspired by the dreamy melodies.
Starting from gentle melodic ballad, Earendil the Sailor saturates the instrumental sound component in the choruses, reviving legends about the legendary sailor in the memory of future generations.
Quickly and stubbornly, fiercely and eagerly developing The Discipline of Steel, attracting attention and dragging to follow his order.
Crickets of evening Water Gardens and quiet sounds of fire preparing to rhythmic beats that calling to gentle spiritual keyboard passages.
Retelling the Dagor Nuin Giliath legend begins as brooding epic ballad, then anger and rage erupt explosion instrumental rabies, but a wonderful epic ballad comes back.
Fierce fighting, skirmishes, misfortunes and abuse require relaxation and tranquility, White and Blue brings it with quiet and gentle sounds of acoustic guitar, accompanying to love story, saturating everything around with romantic atmosphere that condenses emotions, filling their sensual depth.
After the the senses and emotions of love, the spirit and the body torn to rapid and dramatic action, so Crying Games accepts as a suitable embodiment of speed and toughness.
Inspired and happily welcome to The Visitors, after a long and close contact should be epic monologue, accompanied by only by rare guitar notes. Melodic guitar solo completes the happy memories and leads to the next act of tough quick sound.
Viscous and rich sound moves In the Darkness when faced with obstacles, not giving to accelerate the movement, but the fear of the dark and terrible feeling of unpredictable events pushes to move on.
Sounds ordinary things, bazaar merchants and drovers accompany the offering to the king in The Scribe, culminating symphonic motifs that creates a divine atmosphere.
Instrumental guitar solo begins The Epic of Gilgamesh Pt.1 (The Quest for Glory) continuing the story of the legend with dense and powerful riffs, epic and didactic finishing album.