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For true heroes - that's all right: to advance into the night

November 21, 2016
Countless Skies - New Dawn

Twilight will become night, and that rebirth of darkness only Countless Skies - New Dawn will surpass!
Instrumental intro Aubade filles with inspiration and nourishes the desire to hear more!
Heroes continue to inspire with beautiful story, powerful gusts of guitar guards helds banners, that exalts flags squad on unattainable for disasters and tribulations heights.
Incendium ascends the story to spearheads, the flag-bearer at the head of their column, fluttering over the procession of the Knights so encouraging them with wave of boldness and valor.
Minstrels guitars exalts the legendary saga to worldwide fame, epic story extolling Solace shining all over the kingdom with its sublime guitar and vocals passages, inspired by stories, that combines powerful growl, turning into flying to the sky pure elven chant.
Daybreak hammer smashes on the anvil all to fine crumb with powerful and crushing guitar tunes, which rises above the ringing chant of clean male vocals, which sounds like a flying elf, that notifies of its approach. But the blacksmith growls in response, and his hammer tells its own story at anvil.
Pressing oppressive choppy vocal phrases appeals to the Ethereal spirit of travels and inspiration to further delights arising in its impalpable form the chorus with clear ringing melody, building up the power of light and its rays. Then follows the story that exhausted wayfarer tells, with dreamy guitar vine pattern, entwine its weary whisper - he reminisces about past journeys.
Wanderer's memories continuing, but a quiet whisper gains strength which gives juicy shades to past wanderings with victories and valuable achievements, successes, achievements and healing laughter, he imbues it in his memories. But memories of the legendary tales ends with relaxed strings chimes.
After wanderings in the unknown weird expanses, battles with unseen awfull monsters - body and soul wants only one thing: to Return into the usual spaces, at domestic region and enjoy the memories of the past victories.