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Which pill we have to choose?

November 25, 2016
Cerebral Fix - Disaster Of Reality

Someone has disappeared, his deeds and himself was forgotten - but here again Cerebral Fix - Disaster Of Reality returns! Hm...let's examine this thing!
Slowly Justify brings to its primary motive, completing intro with cautionary speech. But the world around not so perfect - rage and anger breaks the boundaries and rushes into the music, with furious and frantic melodies. Not so swift and fast, but so rough and tough...preparing by distorted squeal to the Mosh Injury, that face all against all in fierce rumble, resulting their environment to a state of Crucified World. Ruins causing hatred and anger - so lead to brief confession, which sounds as monologue of the narrator - that returns him to a state of expressive fury!
Oriental motives and crushing drumbeats combines in Discharge cover Realities Of War sincerely and without the slightest delay radiating rays naked truth and the truth of the Bleeding! They're maniacs! They are hatred!
Sometimes a deep Skate Fear expresses in sincere confession with addition of simple and straightforward melodies.
Doubt is the effectiveness and composition of Reality Pill assembled into a composition describing the experiences of Neo - what the pill he had to take from the hand of Morpheus? That's your choise!
Let's slashing clearly and powerfully, combining rage and anger with love to the world around us - to tell all of that to Dear Mother Earth. Let she knows about it!
Destroy everything around, breaking into small pieces and do whatever you like - in fact only Dead Cities around us right now! Freedom! Equality - all to pieces!
Dancing in a furious dance, recalling a song from an old movie, repeating Never Say Never Again! Then, viscous dark atmosphere okutіvaet completion of composition, squeezing desire to ever again and again! Never!
Powerful instincts break out at will, not restrained by any barriers aggression and revenge lead to Felted Cross state. Priests can not resist the invasion of the angry crowd - because they had not read "1984" yet!
After tough and difficult working days, the weekend requires a breakout and then flushing adversity of Circle pit and jump into the moshpit after few...or more mugs of stout beer. There's a lot of energy Inside My Guts for that acts!
Maniacs are unknown, the story about them is not found until a clear title, so distorted and varied it is stored in a file "Untitled Mystery Track". Let's listen to it again and again...or never and never.