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Perception so unexpected on the edge of the world

February 26, 2020
Love and War - Edge Of The World

The music impresses with the artistic sound of the introduction, then weaving guitar riffs with vocal phrases in a whirlwind of despair, emphasizing the name of the We All Fall Down composition in the chorus. But the power and drive of the Start Believen mid-tempo march continues the Love and War - Edge Of The World album with encouraging trends of inspiration and hope. A stubborn procession of the Mercenary Man vocals narrative, complemented by confidence in valor, continues this atmosphere.
But the title track Edge Of The World once again shrouds in swirls of doubt, indicating the need to concentrate all efforts on the struggle and battles. Energetically and briskly twisted with intro guitar riffs, Psycho Ride continues the musical narration of mid-tempo sounds, giving it some shades of hard blues.
Winding the vortex of the guitar solo of the introduction, Final Destination focuses on the thoughtful development of the verse part of the verse, wrapping the phrases of the chorus around the ribbons of the guitar. Complementing the album’s stylistic framework with some shades of southern rock, the Strange Kind Of Medicine vocals part marches in a leisurely procession with bewitching tunes of the harmonica in instrumental bridges.
After medium-tempo variations of musical essence, Sidewards Flight explodes in a fast-paced race of energetic drive as true musical thriller. But, ending the album with Southside Johnny composition, the music returns to the procession along the line between the ballad and the mid-tempo song.