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Perception does not always points the easiest way to subsistence

December 10, 2019
Disconnect (GBR) - Subsistence

The muffled echoes of mystical sacraments envelop the obscure echoes of the ghostly atmosphere in the Clay Skin introduction. The vocals complement the mystery of the musical image, speaking out of a hazy background, then retreating into the background dusk, ending with a furious drumming and mystical echoes of unresolved secrets. Then, after yet another vocal whisper and a furious drum roll, enchanting keyboard echoes raise the flickering sparks of mystical fairies, complementing the beginning of the Disconnect (GBR) - Subsistence album with an epic saga and echoes of mysterious tales.
Rolling the harsh shafts of the unyielding march Patched Resolve brings the vocal pert to the front edge of the musical narrative, enveloping the gloomy twilight of the harsh musical background with vocal experiences. Following the path indicated by the main motive, the Mouthpiece instrumental bridges are transformed with echoes of mystical omens, complementing the stern waves of stubborn march with the flicker of a mysterious symphony and echoes of mystical rites.
The muffled sacrament of entry ends with a viscous stream of viscous musical sound, in which Slave vocals experiences manifest themselves and spring up, breaking the viscous sound of musical twilight. The instrumental part explodes with a furious drive with wordless chorales on the background, crowned with mysterious keyboard notes and ending with reflections of clean vocals and the final chorus. The notes of the keyboard solo go through the leitmotif of the musical essence of the Completion composition, the vocals sounds in a muffled whisper of unclear thoughts, staying in the background and not distracting from listening to the main motive, but then the guitar riffs harden the sound, varying their pitches. But the main motive and vocals remains unchanged. The viscous musical substance of the Extinguished track, supplemented by mysterious keyboard sparks and background vocal reflections, completes the album with insoluble riddles of musical mystery.