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Not every disaster is destined to escape

December 11, 2019
Depredam - Mayday, Mayday

An interview with a musician in which he reveals Foundations and the causes of disasters and calls for dialogue between states, moreover, between all personalities, which will solve many issues opens the gates of the Depredam - Mayday, Mayday album. Then Reaper of Justice rolls with severe waves of medium-tempo drive, crowning the shafts of musical narration with significant phrases of vocals growling.
The Testimonial introduction captivates with a soft guitar fingering break, bringing thoughtfulness and reflection, but then the music becomes hardened and intertwined in a pulsating dance with a fierce mid-tempo drive of deadly metal. The bass guitar's solo sets the mood for the Weapons of Death introduction, then harsh vocal phrases add some confusion to the musical narration, but then the rhythm swirls around the vocal phrases with a swirling swirl, raising the banners of the chorus.
The announcement of the flight commander, who talks about the speed, course and flight conditions, ends ... with an accident and a call to the rescue services, representing the title track Mayday, Mayday, continuing a pulsating mid-tempo march 'Ta hand om dig' in which the musical passages support vocal variations and follow the path indicated by them. Ord continues the departure from English lyrics begun in the previous composition, starting with a thoughtful ballad with clean vocals, but hardening musical and vocal passages in the final part, which continues with Therapy composition alternating a compressed drive with vocal phrases, somewhat freeing up in instrumental bridges, but sometimes becoming severe the embodiment of a combat march. Distorted female vocals on the radio that tells about the Exodus, alternating with the sounds of noise, completes the album.