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Candle burns pointing the way

December 10, 2019
Witcher (HUN) - A Gyertyak Csonkig Egnek

The title track begins the Witcher (HUN) - A Gyertyak Csonkig Egnek album with an atmosphere of unrequited thoughts, creating an atmosphere of irrepressible sadness and saddened moaning. The introduction of vocals introduces certain trends of encouraging presentiments, keyboard passages envelop the vocal phrases with a bewitching symphony lace. Instrumental variations of the main motive complete the composition with the trends of a sad symphony and immoderate sadness.
A keyboard solo goes to the forefront of the musical image of the Feloldozas introduction, the expectation of vocal phrases intertwines the atmosphere of vague romantic anticipations and weaves the twilight hymn lace, bringing the expected vocal part to the fore of the musical narration, enveloping in epic covers of twilight prophecies and crowning with sparkling notes of keyboard passages.
Forcing the acceleration of pace Az en csendemben brings to the album a certain portion of rapid drive. However, the keyboards notes crowning the furious drive preserve the atmosphere of reflection and thoughtful experiences, wise by vague forebodings of obscure symphonies and with the introduction of vocals, the music returns to the leisurely narration of the gloomy anthem. But then, in the instrumental fragment, the guitars again fly away on the wings of a restrained drive, however, the returning vocals reflections return the atmosphere of wise thoughtfulness and solemn symphony.
An exciting stream of a fascinating Az utolso utamon intro's musical motive carries you to listening, captivating with the sound and presentation of a bewitching melody. The introduction of vocals is preceded by a twilight haze of romantic presentiments, surrounding the vocal phrases with epic musical lace. A hattyuk tava (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky cover) as the tribute to the unforgettable masterpieces of the legend of classical music, passed through the prism of the style of the group completes the album.