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Perception depends on point of view

May 23, 2020
Thrown Away - Turn 180 Degrees

The cries of seagulls, the noise of the surf and the obscure background whisper of invisible spirits opens the Thrown Away - Turn 180 Degrees album's introduction, then complementing the bewitching melody of Weather the storm musical passages with creaky vocals phrases, bringing to the top of the musical image the charm of guitar melody in instrumental bridges.
The pulsating procession of the Fade and die twilight saga captivates with the majestic mystery of the dark anthem, giving the musical atmosphere the shades of an epic saga, only occasionally supplementing the composition with a background creak of vocal phrases.
The drumroll of the She loves me not...alone forever introduction creates the expectation of a battle march, but then the mysterious vocal phrases of the singing fairy complement the romanticism of the musical narration, which is marching, however, somewhat faster for the characteristic leisurely ballad of tempo, but then slowing down to the expected thoughtfulness with the inclusion of the vocal part of male screaming. Maybe you still remember me continues the musical motifs of the previous composition, initially combining in a charming dance the muffled reflections of male vocals with the symphonic tunes of the singing lady, embodying the fully expected atmosphere of a romantic ballad.
Once again, the sound of the surf and distant thunder precede a leisurely procession of the War of two hearts romantic saga enveloping vocal tunes with lace of melodic charm. The creaky inspiration of screaming male vocals takes place in a dominant role, the melodic chorales of female vocals sometimes create a background sacrament.
The heavy sighs and impulses of the medical device culminate in a squeak, meaning death, then the saddened romanticism of the Long Way symphony completes the album with magnificent thoughtfulness.