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Wasteland lights attract by so illusory temptations

May 24, 2020
Voidfire - Ogień pustki

The Bladość introduction begins with a soft acoustic guitar solo, then supplemented by other instruments, somewhat accelerating the tempo of the musical narration with the introduction of the vocal part by emotional screaming, which comes to the forefront of the musical image, walking along the verge of medium tempo rhythm, from time to time accelerating and slowing down the tempo. Światło - cierń continues the Voidfire - Ogień pustki album with mystical mystery, starting the vocal part with reflections of pure vocals, then gradually hardening the vocal part and taking off by storm of an impressive drive. But instrumental bridges again attract the charm of acoustic guitar solos, as if invoking the spirits of medieval minstrels and bards.
As if putting a dash with the name of the - song, the composition alternates between muffled reflections of clean vocals and incredibly emotional appeals of inspired screaming, entangling vocal phrases with a sparkling canvas of a guitar solo. In the final part, the music speeds up the pace, adhering to the exhortations of vocal zeal. eginning with the enchanting artistry of guitar solo, Kwiat pustki then weaves in a duet screaming and growling, introducing swift whirlwinds of musical drive with instrumental bridges.
Against the backdrop of the approaching bad weather, the bard by the fire plays a thoughtful saga on an acoustic guitar, Sztorm then rolls the wise canvas of the epic saga, pumping more and more power and significance to its mid-tempo sound. The title track Ogień pustki completes the album, starting with the unhurried acoustic guitar solo, after the mysterious whisper of the electric guitar solo dancing in a romantic waltz.