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May 22, 2020
Second Brain - The Mind Awakes

The soft chime of the duo of two acoustic guitars captivates with the (The Mind Asleep) romantic atmosphere, then the orchestral passages create a symphonic background, complementing the music with wordless vocal choruses. But then the title track of Second Brain - The Mind Awakes album explodes with the unbridled fury of a pulsating drive, combining the leaps of musical rhythm with the leaps of the severe growling of vocal phrases. It is worth noting that female vocals gain literature and complement the severe growling of male vocals with saddened doubts. The guitar solo of the instrumental fragment of the song captivates with incredible artistry.
Pulsating musical passages weaving a bewitching mystery of progressive variations with hints of an epic saga explodes with a streams of drive, anticipating the introduction of the Come What May vocals, varying the style from clean to growling with a whirlwind of guitar solo. Once again, the tunes of female vocals give a certain sacramental mystery. Anxious musical passages intertwine the gloomy mystery of the guitar drive, then giving even more intriguing shades to the King of Treachery vocals narrative, sometimes exploding with emotional vortices. But then the music varies the tempo and rhythm, retreating with a harsh drive, complemented by variations of question-answer of clean vocals and growling for the bewitching lace of an orchestra symphony. Swift drive escalates a certain atmosphere of mystery, then crowning your doubts with a guitar solo and transforming into a pulsating narrative with the Sickest Breed vocals phrases.
The guitar solo of the introduction captivates with incredible melody, captivating to listening to further variations of The Key composition, starting with a muffled vocal narration, intertwining the progressive mystery in instrumental bridges. Well, finally, after mysterious improvisations and progressive artistry, rage, power and drive manifest ... do not dream! The Heralds of New Beliefs composition combines these elements of musical creativity with incredible artistry, juggling with tempo transformations and introducing quite tangible trends of classical music. The final composition of the album Wind Spirit creates even more ambiguities in determining the style of this creation, alternating female vocals in the vocal part, brooding tunes of clean male vocals and furious indignation of growling.