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Per aspera ad astra, - say ancient people, when trying to achieve better than has

June 09, 2016
Arsirius - Lvdi Incipiant

Patricians gathered, plebeians trying to take the place better, all of them expecting emperor's Arsirius - Lvdi Incipiant.
Fast, aggressive start indicates that this is Casus Belli. Bridge slows briefly slows pace for a bit, next finish of the track confidently asserts, that "We are war"!
Powerful beats, rhythmically enters all thats Animalis to the further path. The rhythm changes from rapid to the average, feed - from the powerful and aggressive, to rhythmical and dense. And that's - quite naturally!
The guitar riff like leitmotif runs through entire Primus Inter Pares, like the first one among all equals! And he does not hide in the shadows, not concealed in the background despite the fact that the rapid pace of the verse is significantly different from the powerful, rhythmic and unhurried chorus. That's crowned by a melodic, lyrical and dreamy ending.
Mysterious, sacrament Interlude prepares us by exquisite acoustic guitar to the Arena, gladiators that comes on it in the slow pace, greets the emperor - "Morituri te Salutant!" Then their battle rushes with the raised rage, fury and might. And melodic ode ends the slaughter sounds, it ceases by the next chorus, closed by sentence "You will die!" Blunt, evil, powerful unhurried start heralds Corruptio In Excelsis. Power, anger and aggression of verse adds pace in the bridge, then the chorus adding mentation and stubbornness. Track ended by unhurried, admonitory and hard monologue.
Ornate, mysterious entry opens Arcanum, adding speed to the verse at for a while, going to the average rate - where the vocal remains for the firts half of thy track. Narrator reduces pace of his narrative in the second half, carrying us away into the world of fairy tales, legends, myths and signs.
Lux Aeterna - you should be carefull while bringing the light, thoughtfully, without rushing to extremes. Thus sounds the beginning and the first half of the composition, then the light is carried more sharply and more aggressive!
Amazing weird sound starts Exterminans, powerfully, vehemently and clearly his steps imprinted in stone of the roadway for the entire track.
Rex Sacrorum dwells on the Via Sacra the whole life, there's no sense to rush, there's no need to run away from someone . Slowly, confidently, clearly and habitually its existence - and near the end of the composition it's forced by fury, accelerated pace and more rage. But - track ends by confident and calm narration, as well as started.