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To perform the ritual - it is necessary to finish it

June 09, 2016
Master's Hammer - Formulae

We need to prove the theorem, but already there's Master's Hammer - Formulae.
The mysterious mystic entry begins Den Nicoty, which turns into a mighty battle, calming down and making a break during the bridges.
The shaman dancing around a fire, striking in the tambourine and performing their rituals in the Maso Z Kosmu. Dancing on the average rate go through the whole composition, keyboards exacerbate mysterious palette by its passages.
Mysterious ghost marking time around, then it moves added persistence and volume, Votava sounds even more enigmatically, mysteriously ... melodic keyboards shade sound ordinances.
Malicious, aggressive, powerful start opens Shy Gecko for us. Vocals leads cruel story without increasing speed - but adding anger and fury to the whole composition. And then - like a fairy-tale creature adds its voice to canvas.
Bang, hit, discharge! The intro of Arachnid souls trashy, then flows not so rhythmical. But the spider god mysteriously dancing their dance without stopping its journey before anything.
Keyboards indicate the sacrament, the rhythm section - disco, so you have to Vsem Jebne. In the middle of mysterious keyboards occupy the entire instrumental part of by its passage.
Keyboards come, then the drums say - it's time to count Biologicke Hodiny. Phenakistoscope instrumental composition, in which the main parties are keyboards, while in the foreground.
Buzzing guitar, like from the side connecting keyboards - so begins DMT. Next keyboards leads the leitmotif, and the chorale adds its sings to the main vocals, delineating the boundaries.
Like folk dance, humppa, polka or other starts Podburka, dragging by mysterious epic sound in the depths of its abyss.
Jazyky angry, powerful, stubbornly, persistently crushes the mind, not at infinite speed, but violently and mighty.
Lengthy howling fascinated in anticipation - what will be in more Durga Chce Pit. Midtempo story around which hover mysterious keyboard passages sounds.
Guitar from the wild west, takes us to the vast expanses of prairie, that's Ruralni Dobro sounds as well.
Entry alludes to a ballad, but Ukolebavka not composition of such kind. The motives of northern people, like the Eskimos shamans perform the rite.
The priest did not commit the ritual, he continues his ritual acts in Aya. After his singing in the verse, the female phantom humming the chorus of the track name.