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All secret becomes obvious

June 10, 2016
Sorcery - Garden Of Bones

There's no desire to dig the grave? Throw at Sorcery (SWE) - Garden Of Bones!
At the Holy Ground everything flows mysteriously, adding a simple monotonous song mistichnіmi tempo changes, complementing it nervous vocals and mysterious breaks. A fascinating mystery grows in the middle, at the sound of a slow and melodic instrumental piece.
Unhurried beat wildly and stubbornly delaying the preceding of The New Armageddon. Following a lengthy entry Armageddon gaining strength and pace. But the instrumental melody restrains spread panic words, and periodic slow monologue helps it in this difficult case. Melodic riff completes thy track.
Insanity Arise rises in an increasing pace, speeding up its obstinate movement toward further achievements, not wasting effort on the melody in the middle.
Dark Waves gushed forcefully, slowly breaking the shore with its dark forces. After a brief measured preparation, tend to flood the world with its violent gusts - "here wo go!", they told us.
Scrap, jerky rhythm starts fast, unyielding Hellstorm. A quick and hasty verse interrupted by the slow bridge, next one - the same thing. Mid occupies by slow and melodic riff, similar riff ends composition.
Cleansed by Fire without delay, incredibly fast. And again - the wildest stanza speed interrupted melodic bridge. Chorus leisurely in his clear and rhythmic progress.
Fiercely and fearlessly, without pity or mercy begins Mass Murder. Equally cruelly and mercilessly takes the whole composition, change of rhythm and tempo are not giving hope for compassion.
The Creator confession raises prayers to the Creator, that his blessing and his grace brought back all the good that evil calamities spoiled.
Black Wings carry the world to the the Realm of Darkness and horror, that it means to of all being.
The title track ends entire artwork, Garden of Bones begins slowly and danced step passing verse. After a few of these verses sounds mysterious mysterious monologue, crowned by acoustic guitar, passing lyrical melodic riff that terminates this mysterious composition by its sublime sound.