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People! Who's absent today?

September 18, 2017
Methadone - Absentia

Short introduction Attendance begins the Methadone - Absentia album with shamanic tambourines, that adds ritual shades in the musical image.
The pulsating Tornado of Society rhythm rolls in obscure waves, first comes with harsh clean vocals, then the music thickens its canvas and the vocals turns to a more severe growling. Then everything returns to the origins.
Music Rest in Heaven sounds in so changeable manner then inflates the tempo in a rapid breakthrough, then the veil is rolled out in the dense, impenetrable fog of unexpected romantic ideas. Vocals brings sensuality and emotions to its sound.
Pulsating in a violent, harsh manner, music Ascendance gives the features of shamanic rituals, dances around the fire and shadows of ghostly spirits.
Introducing the spirit of dreamy blues and brilliant artrock Planets Rising creates so fascinating, full of impressions and inspiring solemnity of the vast cosmic spaces.
Strictly combining a variety of styles, Desolation (feat. Daniel Gorgievsky) makes you include a lot of hidden opportunities of consciousness. In the vocals the dominant position is occupied by pure harsh, deviating towards some trash metal legends.
LifebutcherIn the introduction the guitar already gives out a urge to furious drive, then the vocal makes the harsh sterner, almost bringing it closer to the growling or scramming - the growling does not make itself wait. That's usually the title track marks the album .. sometimes nothing but her is not worth listening to. Here's Absentia only completes mysterious shamans rituals ...