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September 19, 2017
Granada - Sincronizado

Mysterious Posesointroduction, creates an atmosphere of ambiguity and unpredictability, starting the Granada - Sincronizado album is very, hardly interesting. Music and vocals juggle with different styles and directions, captivating and entangling with riddles and aspirations.
Title track Sincronizado continues this unpredictable extravaganza, by power and drive spreading in the chips any resistance and disagreement. Music pulsates with a furious heartbeat, raising vocal phrases to the top of its tackts.
Pulsating Mensaje Oculto sound rolls waves of anxiety, enveloping the insurmountable fetters of anxiety and uncertainty, music from time to time is stirred up by violent explosions. Vocals in a nervous screams multiplies all of that.
Waves rolls the music, bringing fury and anger, anxiety and nervousness in a powerful but unhurried drive. Then the vocal entering multiplies the alarm, then the tempo rises sharply, preparing for the chorus repeating Provocacion again and again!
Concentrated drive Solve et Coagula by irresistible waves covers everything around, so complex rhythm juggles with musical ideas, choosing more and more new solutions. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo takes us into the arms of jazz, but for a short while - the drive again leaves no chance for any resistance.
Negotiations, are you really an exorcist, are you really fighting the devil ... these questions begin composition La Cosecha, enveloping a gloomy, impenetrable and dense fog, entangling darkness and horror from all sides. Vocals combines screaming, harsh and growling, creating the incredible wealth of shades of musical ideas in great variety.
The rapid La Serpiente intro then concentrates in the unhurried and ornate whirlwind of peculiar musical motifs, from time to time, swirling in a sharp windy drive, then powerfully and fiercely stiffening in an incredible dance.
Almas Vendidas brings old motives, unforgettable and flowing in thoughts, like blood in veins, enveloping in romance and the haze of dreamy memories, the emotional clean prevails in the vocal styles.
Pulsating in the changeable and sharp rhythm of Prohibido por la Luz in the vocals introduces creaky screaming, nervously shouting phrases. In the instrumental part, the guitars bring a romantic ballad, but the screaming again returns an angry rage of tough growling vocals.
In the introduction, Mas alla de la Muerte piano introduces a bit of thoughtful, restrained romance, but the further musical extravaganza completes the album with a stream of powerful and furious drive in the instrumental composition.