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People's needs a lot of protections - someone have to eradicate all infections!

April 04, 2016
Sonik Death Monkey - Infected

Salvation provides a quick and active start for Sonik Death Monkey - Infected, after so crushing start goes moody rhythm in the instrumental part, which will return to the explosive drive.
Drums hammer in piles of their strokes into Inhuman Violation - rhythmically marching squad, carrying crushing everything fury to your mind!
Lyrical entry continues not intrusive melody, where the guitar paving the way for Detonator, midtempo slaughtering track with melodic guitar inlays.
Obsessive, intrusive entry with hysterical vocal gives a way to march melody in chorus of Rise To Dominate. After that part instruments expore their reign until the next bridge before the next chorus.
Beginning like a shaman dancing with a tambourine around the campfire, this ones Restless - dance their ritual untill summoning spirits he want to summon. He's restless!
2 minutes of unstoppable continuous drive - it is Underground. The relative slowdown in the gap occurs only in the chorus which is...UNDERGROUND! UNDERGROUND! UNDERGROUND!
Tired? Weary? Exhausted? Maybe you're S.I.C.K?! Well - restore power while listening to a ballad... that at the end speeds pace and rises its power! But ends quite like starts - lyricaly melodic.
Core vocals reveals Infected, title track of that album. It connects difficult to combine - the jerks in the vocal parts and melodic instrumental inclusion.
March paced down into the O.F.W.O.L, evenly without any deviations in the parties following its path 'till narrative chorus and mysterious instrumental middle of a story with a tales in the background. After that - again marchin' squad crushes all on its way. At the end of the recognition was made:"I!...lie!...lie!"
Fascinating, exciting beginning opens Eradicate The Enemy, speeds up with joining' vocals until the chorus, after it melodic guitars with a harsh confession, then guitar solo. After it - next part of confession no for long. And such changes, gaps, variations follow up to the end of this story. In another way, the enemies can't be eradicated, for example!