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Is there blood in the soul? And the soul - in the blood?

April 04, 2016
Sabrewulf - Sangre Y Alma

Sabrewulf - Sangre Y Alma. begins from the Ascension, which starts by preaching followers and finished by driving rhythm in the heads. Ascension without preaching is not bypassed.
Reign Of The Serpent keeps this rhythm of hammers on anvils around the first verse. The bridge accelerated drums, but the melody is still viscous and sluggish. Here and there, followed by impregnation of the Spanish.
Short quick riff starts, but does not herald a constant speed in Nothing Above. But - fast reef hiding to return: rate of speed varies and played up.
Death Walker provides a pulsing rhythm and obsessive story, brought to listeners by nervous growl with yellin' scream in the end.
Title track Sangre Y Alma It sounds mystical and mysterious, repeatedly changing the rhythm and sound picture. Only viscous and dark growls constantly heard the whole song.
Gloomy beginning, like shamans beat in their gongs - that's Prophecy And then the prophecy held in a dark and oppressive atmosphere, holding you with his tentacles.
Chopped beginning with choppy vocals opens Onslaught Of Hatred. After the "no trust for me!" pace slowed up almost to the end, where the nervous cries complete song to "no trust for me!"
Black, dark, grim and vicious beginning of Blessed In Sin stomping along this path, without turning away.
Plaintive and wordlessly sounds Dreams Of Belial. There's no words to express these dreams...OH! "wish you gona die alone...just like me" at the end! Vocals enters shortly in The Nameless Dead, slow and haunting story. Slow, rhythmic narrative accelerates to the middle, but quick drive didn't last until the end of tha track. Ends track in the same way as was started.