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You want to chronicle not gone - you have to carve it into Stone

April 05, 2016
You want to chronicle not gone - you have to carve it into Stone

Chronicles of legendary heroes Vinterblot - Realms Of The Untold start with Evoked By Light, which begins with the frisky melodic guitars, aspiring to overtake each other 'till the midle of track, where tune slows down
The rhythmic, pacing entry of the Frostbitten speed up for a while until joining vocals, which prefers to tell story with no hurry. Awhile drums and other instruments increase their activities, but storyteller keeps its tempo and wins this round!
Well - the narrator continues his story, now sounds Unveiling The Night's Curtain, variable by rhythm and musical imagine, but narrator continues his story!
Acoustic guitars mysteriously startin' The Summoning: so, well then - magical rituals not simple, pulsing rhythm and melody beats like a heartbeats.
What have summoned magical, mysterious, incomprehensible and immense? Maybe that's Vagrant Spirits In A Misty Rainfall fallen down from dark gloomy clouds hanging over our heads? The viscous, dark ballad with memorable leitmotif brings it to your mind! Or not all of sense - alternatively this legend continued to ...Of Woods And Omen: summoning was initiated by acoustic guitars. They will complete it by themselves, without vocal support... To the descendants have not forgotten, and it remains forever - Stone Carved Silence. Silence remains until stones still solid and unbroken. Crushing, hammered blows into the stone of Throne Of Snakes drives us in to reign of ancient darklord, and he had to be defeated with a mighty power of slow paced line up.
Most valuable track of this band, they make a videoclip on it - that's Triumph Recalls My Name (Bonus)!