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Past tales is the perfect basis for future deeds

December 05, 2016
Logar's Diary - Book III: At The Crossroads

All of fairy tales and chronicles have their own milestones, sections and books.
Logar's Diary - Book III: At The Crossroads is one of them!
Foreshadow thicken mysterious atmosphere, shading space, combining symphonic anticipation of future tales.
After the mysterious quiet intro, Dreaming Wide Awake breaks down in nervous haste, whipping melodic passages faster and faster, taking a break for a diligent reflection before the next rush.
Cortege was going on the Hunt with memorable guitar riffs, ascends after a quick and frisky verse musical image in the melodic chorus clouds.
Bard starts the tale with lyrical guitar fingering, but then honest company joins to that song and distributed in all its glory, amplifying and accelerating the flow of the music while celebrating their Return To Bartertown.
Minstrels accompany the story of a lady about her uneasy Pour The Past On Us worries, combining the voices of their instruments and male vocals with her gentle and mournful chants in calm romantic ballad.
Insinuatingly begins, changing the direction of music vectors - in Kratas (City Of Thieves) otherwise in any case impossible. Vocals emotionally thicken their explosions, shouting thought - implying the need to read between the lines.
Tired and drained clothe the body and soul in chains and shackles, stating The Broken Me. Despair and hopelessness are embodied in a gloomy inspiration.
Growling monster and timid choir in beast den opens The Intruded Me story, replaces with fast and cautious story, crouching under the wall of the cave where undisturbed darkspawn exists.
Mysterious intriguing chime combined with buzzing horns in intro of The Rage In Me, farther sounds as powerful and rich musical image, that shows part of the ballad with fast and sharp inclusions, reinforcing a sense of permanent contrast.
The noise of the rain and the howling of the wind, birds wings flapping of drowning in the sea, Raiders Of The Twilight Peaks squad vigorously and strained chorus sings along with folk motives.
Epic symphonic intro of Waking Wide Asleep, carries the main motif in the sublime keyboard passage, flying over jagged rugged rhythmic structures, combining with lightness and enticing with its chorus of fabulous creatures. After fierce and angry cries, the orchestra gently and perfectly completes the symphonic delights of this multi-valued and varied composition.
Lovely exquisite Ad Trivium ballad extolling the romance and melody to unknown limits, last piece of the album. Accelerating in the instrumental part of his motive, without stifling musical delights in the shackles of the slow pace