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Paradise cognition goes through purgatory

August 20, 2018
No Gods - Paradise

The heavy dark atmosphere is weaved into the searing gloomy premonitions embodied in the viscous introduction, Thawed then is delaying in anticipation of the further sound of the No Gods - Paradise album, exploding with the unrestrained flow of furious drive. But the mid-tempo march returns again, anticipating the subsequent rapid implementation of vocal reflections. But viscous viscous painfulness returns again to the completion of the composition.
Drive and energy intertwine vocal and instrumental.yarost, weaving from them an exciting and diverse Beloved composition, starting with an unrestrained drive, continuing with the majestic instrumental bridge.
But the uncontrollable rage does not remain constrained - breaking loose in instrumental explosions, Furious By Knife track serves as the intro for the crowned with vocal phrases Baptism that extends the boundaries of the album, calling under its banners so diverse streat core elements and proudly marching in the fabulous motifs of instrumental bridges.
Smashing all the restraining obstacles into smithereens, the Through Pain vocals pulsate in uncertain impulses, the music again rolls back with violent jerks, but turns into a gloomy haze that is enveloping the vocal reflections. The instrumental part before us is a breath of dark romance, anticipating a tight and furious drive announcing the completion of the composition.
Tightly and persistently the Galit composition develops its motifs into the introduction, again and again returning to them in instrumental bridges, supplementing the trend of hard blues with progressive elements.
Furiously and deliberately preparing the subsequent breakthrough in the entry Voices is carried away in an uncontrolled stream of musical fury and rabies. Hardly, tightly and vigorously Loveless completes the album, rolling round the turns of the bars in the musical dance and stringing the vocal phrases onto the prepared axis of the musical narrative.