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Outcast - leave the hall of fame immediately!

July 17, 2017
Evil Masquerade - The Outcast Hall of Fame

Without the slightest delay, the title track Evil Masquerade - The Outcast Hall of Fame begins the album. Mysterious vocal phrases combine parts of unrestrained drive with mystical mysterious breeches and a mesmerizing musical picture. The composition itself, in fact, sets the mood and style of the entire album - as for me, well done!.
Verses of Death Of God sounds in a slow hypostasis of the average tempo, envelopes in the gloomy fog of romantics, the choruses disturbs the waves of angry drive.
Introductions of Darkness (I Need You) recalls the forgotten minstrel ballads, then the music connects mystical keyboards with an average tempo, returning to the proud ballad in the choruses. The instrumental part in the middle of the composition again returns to the wandering bards traveling through the vast expanses and living in memories.
So brief, emotional confession appears as a romantic ballad One Thousand Roses And A Lot Of Pain, enveloping in a haze of reflection.
The main motive of Lost Inside A World Of Fear enthralls to follow its sounding, twisted in a dance of mysterious melodies and vocal phrases. In the chorus, keyboards adorns the musical image with lyrical passages. The instrumental part appears as strained march, combined with the rapid rush.
Сonfident, persistent drive constitutes a detachment of guards of uncertain, doubting the chosen path of vocal phrases, The Spineless Is a story of a spy doctor about ambushes on his way. A significant, harsh and frank ballad in the instrumental part increases the tempo, but with the return of the vocals it returns to a slow rhythm.
In a solemn, lyrical and fascinating ballad, Mark Hur Var Skugga vocal refers to the Swedish language in the ancient folk song, bringing the spirit of piercing northern winds and severe fiords.
The album ends with so multi-valued, diverse and lengthy composition On No Way To Broadway, brightly and temptingly complicating and decorating the guitar motifs, supplementing the harsh and clear drive inherent in rock with progressive musical ideas. I can describe it with a lot of words, but you have to listen this charming song!