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Good, bad… I’m the guy with the gun!

July 18, 2017
Fuck Off - Smile As You Kill

In a thoughtful composition Azor starts Fuck Off - Smile As You Kill album. Most of the time, instrumental thoughts sounds, changing pace - viscous, unhurried introduction, sharp, quick breaks. Vocals adds liveliness and customize the musical component.
The Doomed From The Cradle introduction again sounds like sharing cemetery decay, but then the demonic growling yell calls for speeding up the musical image - the drive and speed finds their place, the vocals still spur the musical tempo.
The guitar solo, united with drummroll not tightening Gardens Of Stone intro, then the music hovers in a deadly and eerie dance in so dark atmosphere of the twilights of haze.
The title track Smile As You Kill shakes off the shackles of horrible darkness and the sadness of the undead, pointing out in harsh and harsh phrases - be fast or be dead.
The solemn and romantic tune sets the mood for a majestic introduction of The Priest saga - which then envelops the subsequent bridges, but then in vocal phrases waves of indignation and indignation pour out and it brands the priest for all of us.
The We Are Back In Town main motive leads the musical image from the introduction, the vocals sound peculiar, with a lot of accent. In a city without girls, of course, no one returns!
The Spanish language in the Impera la Corrupcion text somewhat changes the style, adding epic, romanticism - style rather speed or power than thrash metal.
Remastering their old composition People In War (2013 version) appears as sharp pressure of vocal requirements, statements and persistent musical moves. In the chorus, the speaker erects the martial spirit of his listeners to the highest point.
Tribute to legends, which was like example for a lot of colleagues in the music department Long Live Rock & Roll ("Rainbow" cover) completes the album with an inspiring stream