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Our service is both dangerous and difficult in the silence

March 10, 2018
Prayer - Silent Soldiers

Beginning like a confession of an agitated wanderer, the Prayer - Silent Soldiers album begins with an alternation of romantic reflections and twilight haze, accentuating the Silent Treatment title in choruses. Several attributing the alternation of romance and the notes of drive Rock and a Hard Place leads the music further into the bald spaces, still leaving the main musical parts at an average pace. Preserving the melodiousness of the sound Fires of the Heart enhances the musical activity, completing the composition with a more energetic and active drive.
Romantic ballad Feel Like a Prisoner complements the sound with notes of blues, focusing on the main impressions around vocal phrases. In the chorus, sadness and anguish dissipate, exploding with the feelings and emotions of a prisoner imprisoned in the cage of his thoughts and prejudices.
The Ten Days of Hell main motive immediately envelops the musical image with its influence, accompanying vocal phrases and creating an exciting sound, changing the dominant instrument from time to time - vocals, guitar and keyboards try themselves in the main role.
Swift and vigorously somewhat heavier and bright colors, the Dead Dog song's music raises a wave of drive, but romantic and melodic, without taking off in an impetuous race.
Ghost Train returns to the atmospheric narration, the vocal introduces a haze of thoughtful romance, creating a charming cosiness and soft melodic impressions.
As if from ancient times terrible Devil’s Daughter legends have appeared, enveloping the epic introduction all around, then in the verse calmly and discreetly the bard broadcasts legends and legends. The music brings back the motives of the entry into the chorus, once again enveloping everything in a fabulous atmosphere. King of the Hill continues mystical romance, but without resorting to eerie legends, on the contrary - gently and sensually narrating the stories.
Discarding the anxious forebodings and ashes of forgotten legends, vigorously and diligently the vocalist asks Get Me out of Here again and again.
Starting and ending as the romantic ballad, in the instrumental part and the chorus No Giver, All Taker hovers around an alarming whirlwind, supplementing the vocals with fellow singers.
This composition Mystery Island represents a separate artwork, combined with the rest of the album, as if it were a source of inspiration, conveying wisdom and many variations and shades of development of this musical style. Beginning with a romantic ballad, the legend transforms again and again, changing its appearance many times - but retaining the style of the vocal party.
Like a charter after long wanderings, the vocal focuses on calm and soft music, discarding any attempts to give this Lovers on the Road song any vigorous shades of drive. Continuing the ballad sound All up for Love changes it by thickens the colors of the musical picture, supplementing the vocal phrases with anxiety and emotions, as if climbing the steps to the chorus, accumulating feelings and emotions. So sensual ballad Broken Hearted Me completes an atmospheric album that fused many feelings and experiences and ended a long period (12 years) when the band did not released new albums.