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Have to legitimate your representative in these negotiations

March 11, 2018
Legatus - Incommodum

The tuning of the radio ends with an obscure epic fog of the proud Introduction hymn, starting a conceptual chronicle of old legends Legatus - Incommodum, ending with the noise of radio interference. At first, an energetic and furious drive Brittle anticipates an epic narrative, culminating in a sublime pure vocal, exalting narration in the bright rays of blinding light. Then this alternation is repeated again and again.
The How to Slay Your Dragon introduction buzzes like a swarm of furious insects, then twists around a rhythmic and dense march in the verse. Then the buzz pierces confessions and outrage. In the instrumental part, the majestic hymn supports the doubting guitar solo. Harsh rush completes the composition.
Again starting with the noise of radio interference Sludge returns the epic tune of the album's introduction. The epic saga The Bludgeoning envelops the atmosphere of ancient legends, completing the majestic march passages with meditative reflections, which are preceded by a deep, heavy melody, indicating the indescribable significance of the tale. Clean vocal dominates this narrative. In front of the instrumental part, the vocals of the vocals win the dominant position, but the bridge and the subsequent instrumental part bring to the top improvisation of the bass guitar. Interference and noise on the radio complete this epic saga.
In an exciting and gloomy Kill a Dead Man Dying introduction the notes of jazz is appearing, as if undead gathered dixieland and in a gloomy pub for evil spirits and demonic servants, a local beau monde gathered, to honor the lord of darkness and give him praise.
The solo bass of the guitar complements the sound of the A Decrepit Fantasy composition with a progressive combination of many musical styles, artistically breaking the rhythm, complicating and fascinating with such a peculiar and enigmatic giving of musical material.
A dense veil of dark fog envelops the obscure mystery of an unfamiliar rite, enveloping it with one incredible musical twilight, again and again trying to change the outline of the main motive and transforming its perception. At the end of the composition, the obscure ghosts again and again whisper in obscure muffled voices the Sin(Strumental) title. After a brief radio tuning The Show continues the style of the previous composition, supplementing the cloudy haze with vocal phrases. But from the majestic and proud march music turns into a broken and pulsating, but still mid-tempo march.
Again white noise and tapping of the drumsticks precedes a hard, harsh and tough Wallet Chain Creeper sound that creates the foundation first of a rhythmic growling, then the vocals are carried away in rapid explanations. Then dreamy clean vocals are carried away on the charming wings of the accompaniment, casting aside doubts and confusion. Then this sequence is repeated again.
The fixing of the radio receiver continues ... then the majestic march from the original intro is combined with a fierce blacksmith's Hammer threshing, somewhat shading such a bright melodious melody, ending it with a solid and confident forging.
The album closes, perhaps the most epic composition of Alone song, combining a severe powerful drive with charming shades of metal death reaching the soft and shy charm of the 70's arthrook, exhaling a wave of magical incantations of an unknown charm, then sweeping away in a swift whirlwind completing the album fusing melody with drive.