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Darkness we are only, no one else

March 09, 2018
Nyctophile - We Are the Darkness

The epic melody appears as a bright firework in the Hate Reigns intro, developing the composition in a marvelous melody, before the introduction of the vocal the music is supplemented by a wave of drive. Vocal combines screaming and growling, weaving a duet in a marvelous lace in front of a dreamy clean vocal. Such a diverse and versatile musical image begins the Nyctophile - We Are the Darkness album. Rushing swiftly in a wave of furious drive Harbinger rushing to co-create a melody, but the vocals harden the sound, transforming into notes of the hot winds of a lifeless desert, bringing the spicy spirit of wandering nomads, who heavily and thoughtfully discuss the past wanderings and the attendant hardships. In the instrument bridges harsh rapid passages are rushing again and again.
Significantly and tightly dusk enters, full of triumph and pride in achievement. Vocals entering the twilight limits of Shit Support curls whirlwinds of round dances making a bet on the growling in verses, in the chorus the melody is carried to the front edge of the sound, combining its laces with emotional vocals screaming.
Slowly and confidently marching into the entourage of majestic melodies, glorifying the arrival of the messenger, March of the Exiles then turns into a fierce and swift expulsion of the outcast. The vocals convey the frustration and anxieties of the exiles, but the ruler's decree is performed by cruel guardians who do not accept iota of pity and sympathy. However, the outcasts sings their prayers by dreamy clean vocals for the divine graces and forgiveness on the earth's lands.
The judge reads the indictment, the prosecutor lists the atrocities. The sound of rain, thunder and women's lamentation create a background, completing the Summer of '85 introduction with so shrill scream. Then the rage and anger are combined in a kind of dance with melodic, progressive guitar additions and vocals, varying screaming and growling.
A pulsating march, like the heartbeat of a gigantic organism Stiletto Heel rolls over the introduction, then rushes in an unrestrained race through the verses of the couplet, introducing a whirlwind of melodious motifs in the chorus.
The next three compositions seem to be looking for a style - first What Remains brings shades of metalcore and some mysterious dreams embodied in the phrases of the sichtogo vocal, ending them with swift passages of violent riffs, anticipating a powerful and stern march that completes the composition. Then the romantic shades of cosmic travel are embodied in several futuristic motifs, Searching in the Void turning the sound into a kind of diverse modern tale with clean vocals wanderings. Eastern motifs of the spicy legends of the wise old men are combined in Ov Lament and the Hadal song with so violent and severe deadly musical dance, combining epic and power, juggling with changes in tempo and rhythmic structure like burning spell scrolls of incantations.
The title track We Are the Darkness completes the album, returning to the usual stylistic images, embodying everything that melodic death music fans appreciate. In the chorus, the name of the song is again and again accentuated and repeated - so that no one can forget who is the darkness.