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Once the world was different

April 07, 2020
Temple Of Void - The World That Was

The harsh phrases of A Beast Among Us deep growling complement the viscous motifs of the musical procession, slowly and meaningfully opening the musical gates of Temple Of Void - The World That Was album, sometimes introducing violent whirlwinds of drive with instrumental bridges.
Forcing a stubborn procession of the main motive, Self-Schism rolls it with a rolling cart, pushing for the development of musical composition, crowning this musical obstinacy with the charm of vocal severity.
The soft and gentle charm of the instrumental suite A Single Obolus inspires the brooding acoustic guitar solo, then continues the musical narration with the Leave the Light Behind composition that vary the vocal part from the harsh significance of growling to the dreamy chants of clean vocals, crowning the musical image with the artistic coverings of keyboards variations.
The furious rattle of a guitar solo comes to the forefront of the Casket of Shame musical composition, entwining the further narration of the vocal part with the insurmountable fetters of a guitar drive.
The title track completes The World That Was album, combining variations of melodic discoveries in such a diverse sound of the musical saga, combining the charm of an epic narrative with the harsh drive of painful musical passages, introducing doubts and the melodic charm of saddened guitar solos of instrumental fragments.