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Some rust is more noble then diamonds

April 08, 2020
Birthday Massacre - Diamonds

The electronic impulses of the Enter musical narrative are intertwined in a bewitching dance with vocal phrases giving the beginning of the Birthday Massacre - Diamonds album an inspired charm. Captivating the incredibly hit main motive of instrumental fragments The Sky Will Turn supplements it with meditations of the vocal part, combining them together in a charming waltz of the chorus.
The melodic charm of musical lace is interwoven in a bewitching manner with a gentle narration of the Diamonds vocal part, marching in the rhythmic march set by the rhythm section. Complementing the musical sound of the album with a restrained drive Run entwines the vocal part and rhythmic pulsations with a sparkling net of electronic impulses. Flashback continues this style of sounding, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
Remembering youth and youth Last Goodbye returns a musical whirlwind in the 80s of the last century. The gloomy atmosphere of the Crush musical sacrament envelops pensive vocal phrases with bewitching musical covers, combining them together in a dance of exciting romanticism.
Musical passages acquires industrial music shades, but the Mirrors song remains within the framework of a leisurely pace, retreating to the charm of vocal phrases. The Parallel World pensive ballad with a leisurely veil of tenderness and charm completes the album with leisurely reflections.